One Step Closer

Today is the announcement day of my IELTS test. I feel really nervous because I don’t really feel confident about my achievement in the test two weeks ago. I’m not really sure that I will get a good score in order to apply for university in Australia or Europe. FYI, the mininum score required that I needed is 6,5 and because I don’t really feel focused on the test day I’m not sure that I’m gonna achieve it. Despite of this condition, I already did my best so I’m just praying and hope for the best until today.

After waiting for two weeks, finally the day has come. Just after I woke up, I randomly check my cellphone and open the IELTS result website. I was so scared to see the result, so I asked my girlfriend, who also did the IELTS test with me, to open my test result. After I pray Subuh, she called me and said :

“Aga, your IELTS score isΒ 7! Congratulations dear!”

Waw! I can’t believe it! I’m so speechless because I didn’t expect my score to be that high. I was so happy to hear this good news, because this means that I’m one step closer to achieve my dream to study abroad. I feel even happier because my girlfriend also got a same score as me! Daebak! πŸ˜€

I just got nothing to say anymore. I just wanna say thanks toΒ Allah because He shows me the way to achieve my dream. He made this easier, and I just hope that He always help me through good and bad times. Once again, Thank You Allah. Alhamdulillah.


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