The Three Musketeers : My Cute Little Niece & Nephew

My mom has just had her birthday several days ago. She’s 52 now. So, to celebrate her birthday we decided to throw a family gathering in a restaurant called Radja Ketjil in Tebet, South Jakarta. Actually this is our fourth family gathering in about 2 months, because there are so many people who had their birthday in December and January. Even though we have to meet frequently, I always feel happy because I can see my three cute little nephew and niece. Wanna meet with them?


So cute, isn’t she? She really look just like her father.

This is Nara, my youngest niece. She’s just one year old. I don’t really interact a lot with her, but she’s totally cute right? I’m sure she’ll be a pretty girl when she grow up.


cool, calm, and handsome.

This handsome boy is one of my two nephews. His name is Hafidz. Pretty good name, and I hope he can be a real hafidz one day, amin. From my interaction with him, I think he’s kinda shy and calm. But he’s so friendly too. He even did a high-five with me! Hahaha.


My favorite nephew with his mother

And last but not least, this is my favorite nephew. His name is Farand. He’s so active, always walking around back and forth. He also curious with every stuff around him. But he’s really shy in front of the camera. I took a while for me to take this picture, but in the end the result is really good.

Well, that’s all about my three little cute niece and nephew. Just by looking at them really makes me wanna have my own child, hahaha. But I think it’s still a long way to go, because I still have to find “the one”. I want to focus on building my career too, and thinking about continuing my study abroad. I just hope that I will bring my own child someday. Amin.


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