Lonely Trip To Fatahillah Park

As a fresh graduate who still unemployed until now, I don’t really have anything to do. I just spent most of my activities at home, which is really boring. I need some fresh air, so today I decided to see the outside world for a while. And Fatahillah Park in Kota Tua Region is my destination.

I ride my own car to go there because it’s kinda far from my house. It took about an hour by toll-road to reach the destination. Because this is my first time to go there by myself, I was afraid that I’m gonna get lost. But I was so lucky because I use Google Maps and this apps guide me to the right way. Thanks Google!

When I arrived, the park is really crowded. In the center of the park, there are some “stuntman show” which is perfomed by several young boys. They performed some dangerous attraction, such as flamethrowing and hitting other with rope. It’s kinda awesome, but you don’t have to try this at home.


Don’t try this at home!

There are lots of museums around here, such as Fatahillah Museum and Wayang Museum. But honestly I don’t really interested to go there. I prefer to enjoy the view from the park. I just walk around to see if there is an interesting thing to capture. And here’s some of the picture I took with my Galaxy Tab.


Fatahillah Museum, formerly known as Gouveneurskantoor. Looks like this place used to be the administrative captial in Batavia


PT. Pos Indonesia. Is there anyone who still use their services?


One of the main attraction in Fatahillah Park : Sepeda Onthel. Looks really romantic especially if you ride it with your couple.


Some ancient building in Fatahillah Park

Overall, I think this place can be one of the alternatives to spend your weekend. It brings your memory back to the Djakarta Tempoe Doeloe. You can learn something about the history of this city. You can also find a lot of good spot to capture your moment. Pre-Wedding photoshoot too, maybe? šŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “Lonely Trip To Fatahillah Park

    • Kagak bar, sendirian gw haha menyedihkan šŸ˜€
      Lebih ke Jakarta Barat sih bar, tapi deket2 Jakarta Utara juga.
      Main-main aja bar, mantep disini suasananya šŸ˜€


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