First Day of My English Class

Today is the first day of my english conversation class in BLCI. Actually, it’s been a long time since I sign up for the program. But because the class won’t open until quotas are met, I have to wait for about two months until the BLCI person called me. Anyway, I really look forward for this english lesson because I don’t really that good in English. So I hope I can improve my english skill after this lesson.

Luckily, my teacher is a native. It feels different than if you taught my local teacher. Not only because of how they spell and pronounce the word, but also because of the way they think. I can get a different perspective from foreign people about my country and the comparison between their country and Indonesia. And somehow, I became more confident because I can speak freely without afraid of mistakes in grammar or pronounciation. I found out about this in my first class today. I’m the only person who came in the class today, so I have a chance to discuss a lot with my teacher. By the way, her name is Melanie. 

We discuss about the comparison between Indonesia and England, which is her country. She said that Indonesian people are easier to smile and laugh than British people. But in Indonesia, especially Bandung, the number of criminality are really high. There’s still a lot of things that we discussed, but in general I really like my first day in this conversation class. I hope I can enjoy the rest of my study.


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